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April has been a very busy month, full of great satisfactions but, due to the Pandemic, still full of worries that we aresure we will definitely cope with in the near future.
Hopefully we’ll have an important improvement in June so we are confident that we will definitely be able to welcome you all back in the gym, giving to all RS members the opportunity to attend courses face to face, keeping safetyas our first priority.
Rhythmic School has been the protagonist of the latest regional competitive Championships, organizing and managing Italian Federation Gymnastics competitions and obtaining outstanding results from our gymnasts, capable to get as always the top of the charts.
We are grateful to the parents who have strategicallycontributed to the success of the events. We are grateful tothe entire staff effort that gave hundreds of gymnasts
the opportunity to compete safely.
Next September, at Candelo Sports Hall, we will host once again the Italian Federation Gold Championship. We still count on the precious help of the already tested RS staff, but we are always ready to welcome new parents to join them and become an active part of the “Rhythmic School family”